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Nilambur Pattu

Nilambur Vettekkoru Makan Paattu more popularly known as Nilambur Paattu is a Hindu festival performed annually for two weeks in the first weeks of January (in the Malayalam Month of Dhanu) at the Nilambur Kovilakam temple in Malappuram. Nilambur Kovilakom refers to the royal residence of the local rulers of Nilambur, who once ruled this region called as Eranad.

The origin of Nilambur Paattu is unknown but the legends say that every year the tribal people, who used to live in and around the Nilambur forests, come to pay homage to the royal family of the Nilambur Kovilakam. The Paattu in Nilambur paattu refers to the songs in praise of the Lord. In Nilambur Kovilakam records, this festival is also referred to as Paattu Atiyanthiram.

This festival offers the people of Nilambur to relive and refresh their memories about Nilambur Kovilakam. The festival has gone far beyond its religious significance and nowadays it is celebrated as a cultural event with the participation of people belonging to different faiths.