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Malappuram, literally means atop the hills. It is a northern district in Kerala endowed with the bountiful gifts of Nature. Geographically the district lies between the Nilgiris to its east and the Arabian Sea to its west. It borders Kozhikode and Wayanad districts in the north and Palakkad and Thrissur districts in the south. The billowy hills and the meandering rivers, which flow impatiently into the Arabian Sea, deck this hill country with a pristine charm.

This land of lush greenery also has a unique place in the cultural and the political history of Kerala. Malappuram enjoyed a significant status from ancient times, as it was the military head quarters of the Zamorins of Kozhikode. The fort of Tippu Sultan and the Haig barracks established by the British are monumental buildings of bygone days. During the colonial era, Malappuram was the headquarters of European and British troops and later it became the head quarters of the Malabar Special Police (M.S.P). It was home to the Khilafath movements and the Mappila revolts, contributing immensely to India's freedom struggle.

Malappuram was also a well-known centre for Vedic and Islamic studies. The land gave birth to innumerable personalities, who made indelible marks on the political and cultural arena of the State.