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Betel Market

Whatever be the status of international politics, Tirur in Malappuram has a century-long comradeship with India's neighbour Pakistan. Thanks to the fresh green betel leaves of this place, the farmers of this place have been doing business with Karachi for over a century. The betel leaves they produced go by the brand name Tirur Lanka Paan, which is of great demand in the markets of Pakistan for its distinctive flavour.

The betel industry here flourished after India’s independence when the Urdu-speaking Muslims moved in from various places to Tirur and identified its potential in developing quality betel leaves. The Tirur paan bazaar never sleeps, business is an all night affair here. After collecting the leaves they are sorted and packed in bamboo baskets. Skilled labourers are employed for the purpose and they work till midnight to finish the job. The baskets are then sent by an early morning flight from Karipur International Airport.